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We make effective use of the current tools of social policies for all citizens of the region, including foreigners.

We take part in the growing competitiveness of the South Moravian region, we save public funds reserved for the search of foreign workers abroad, and we increase the quality of life in our region.

We work on the development of our city and region.

We support public administration institutions that come into contact with foreigners.

We create networks of all parties interested in the area of the labor market.


We work with foreigners, to whom we offer:

  • Abilities and skill assessment.
  • An overview of matching job offers.
  • Improvement of Czech language proficiency, support in further education and job development.
  • References to institutions and employers.
  • Career counseling.

We work with employers, who we help to:

  • Eliminate barriers for employing foreigners.
  • Find and develop skilled work force of quality.
  • To spread effective activities inspired by foreign trends.

We help employers to:

  • Find and develop a skilled work force of quality.
  • Eliminate administrative barriers for employing foreigners.
  • Create good practice inspired by foreign trends.
  • Share data from various research.


We offer information on target groups and the link between supply and demand in the labor market to companies that employ foreigners.

We offer consultations in the area of communication with foreigners by diversity specialists in institutions.

We organize workshops for workers that come into contact with foreigners (e.g., in cooperation with intercultural workers).

We offer individual help when communicating with foreigners, to explain processes (intercultural interpreting in person/via telephone).

We share results of analyses and extensive evaluations.

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