For foreigners

Work qualification support for foreigners in the South Moravian region

The Skill Centre helps foreigners living in the South Moravian region to obtain a better and more satisfying work life. Our support can be varied, but it always stems from individual needs of our clients. At the beginning of our journey, we identify the client’s personal and professional potential and based on this we create an appropriate career plan tailored to them.  It goes without saying that our approach is professional and discreet. We offer eligible clients upskilling services and programs free of charge.

Skill Centre is the right place for you, if:

  • You are a foreigner living long-term in the South Moravian region.
  • You are over 18 years of age.
  • You need help with finding out your skills.
  • You want to increase your career skills and employment opportunities.
  • You want help with finding the right job.
  • Kdo získává tu podporu? Možná rovnou zmínit sem? (Who gains this support? Maybe mention it here?)

What do we offer?

  • Help with orientation in the labor market.
  • Support in finding potential jobs.
  • Assistance in preparing for a job interview.
  • Information on the conditions for specific positions.
  • Creation of a career plan.
  • Recommend or arrange appropriate education courses, seminars, or internships.
  • Help with verification of (not only) educational documents.
  • Help with ensuring requalification.

Our services come from the jobmentoring (mentoring in the area of employment) concept, which offers a comprehensive approach aimed at the professional development of the client. It is a long-term process, where a career path of the client is created through various diagnostic methods and dialogues led by the jobmentor (mentor in the area of employment). This career path is created in a way that the client can achieve their planned goals.

I want a first non-binding meeting with a jobmentor.

Book a meeting with one of our jobmentors for free at our office at Kounicova 271/13, Brno, 602 00.

I need a job now!

Do you not have the time to go through the whole process of jobmentoring? We can help you with a shorter process which includes:

  • Basic assessment of your work abilities.
  • Assistance with finding the appropriate job positions.
  • Collaboration with HR (recommendations and feedback about your CV and cover letter, mock job interview).


Do you need more information or do you need to ask something regarding our services? Contact us.