Centre for Foreigners

The Centre for Foreigners of the South Moravian region helps foreigners with their integration into Czech society.

It offers Czech language courses, legal and social consultations, expert lectures on socio-cultural issues, multicultural activities, and adaptation-integration courses. Some activities are open not only to foreigners, but also to institutions and the general public.

The Centre for Foreigners has been established in 2009, and since then it has helped thousands of foreigners. Its team is comprised of great and capable experts with rich experience.

The Centre for foreigners is part of the integration centers, which help foreigners in specific regions all across the Czech Republic.


The Social Welfare Department of Brno City Municipality ensures a number of activities in the area of social welfare in a complex manner. The institution helps citizens of the municipality in unfavorable social situations through social work and coordination of a network of social services. Furthermore, it also carries out the agenda of a provider; it methodically maintains and controls the activities of organizations funded by the municipality (13 organizations offering social services).