What is jobmentoring?

It is a free service of career counseling.

We can invite an intercultural worker or an interpreter to the counseling, if necessary.

The length of the consultation is 50-60 minutes.

The number of meetings depends on mutual agreement.

We ensure a professional approach to our clients.

We educate 

We help with the recognition of education from abroad and requalification.

We offer referrals to language courses and other education.

We offer courses increasing your qualification and your attractiveness on the labor market.

We offer options of further education and self-development.

We discover the potential of our clients

We map competencies and skills.

We look for new employment opportunities and professional/career growth.

We discover strengths and untapped potential.

We offer self-discovery.

We inform

We offer information on employment and the labor market in the South Moravian region.

We give advice on where and how to look for a job in the Czech Republic.

We look for job requirements and conditions.

We give advice on how to reach out to potential employers.

We inform about follow-up services.

We teach how to prepare for a job interview.

We lead

We offer motivation and support.

We help in planning and creating a career path.

We create an action plan.

Together with the client, we create CVs and cover letters.

We help with professional presentation on social media.

We connect

We connect clients with other people from the area of employment and education in the South Moravian region.

We look at lesser known and alternative means of employment.

We offer systemic solutions.

We build intercultural bridges.


How cooperation with us works:



Nisa is from Turkey. She currently works at an IT firm in the Czech Republic, but she is not happy with her job. In Turkey, Nisa studied and then worked as a physiotherapist for two years. She would like to return to her former job, but she does not know where and how to begin.

Within several consultations with a jobmentor, Nisa obtained the necessary information about the whole process for obtaining certification in physiotherapy and setting up a trade license. The jobmentor helped her to plan individual steps, including the creation of an action and business plan. These then created a career plan, which also took into account the fact that this entire process will take some time. This is why they decided for an alternative way in the form of temporary job change to the position of masseuse, so Nisa could spend her time doing things that she likes, and she would not lose experience.



Volodymyr was born in Ukraine, but he finished his university education in the Czech Republic. He currently earns a living through manual labor, but he would like to work in game design/3D programming.

The meetings with the jobmentor are in English, since Volodymyr wants to practice speaking, and English is important in the game industry. Together they create an action plan which include suggestion of temporary positions that Volodymyr could have in IT before he gets to work in his dream industry. Apart from that, the jobmentor also help him in strengthening his confidence and appearing more confident at a job interview. Due to the specific area of interest, they are also working on creating a LinkedIn profile, where the most job offers in the gaming industry can be found.



Olga is from Ukraine; she came to the Czech Republic to be with her family. In Ukraine she worked as an HR manager, but here, she is unsuccessful in finding a job in this area. One of the reasons is also insufficient knowledge of the Czech language.

The jobmentor discussed with Olga all that is part of the job in HR in the Czech Republic and what are the conditions to work. Olga’s action plan then included necessary Czech language classes, a requalification course for HR and other relevant training. The job mentor also help her with creating a high-quality CV and offered help with the nostrification process of her diploma.


How to set up an appointment with us?

E-mail for appointments:

Phone number +420  541 652 261, +420 541 652 262

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